When people ask me where my 4-month trip around the world begins, I always tell them Fort Lauderdale. After all, that is where the ship sails.  After some thought, I realize that isn’t the case.  My journey starts here in Orlando, Fl.   There are so many things Orlando has to offer; yet those who are not from here focus on Disney World.   So, I wanted to find something unique to share with you all before I sail. I consider this my Orlando adventure…my first port.

There is a chain of lakes near the Disney area.   The main one is called Lake Butler. Most people who live in Orlando like to go out to the sand bar, or jet ski. I was one of them. I would fly down the chain of lakes on my friend’s jet ski with the wind in my hair and screaming as I hit a wave. Yet, it wasn’t until I went on this tour did I realize there is so much more to the surroundings that I was oblivious to.


My friend Angela joined while Simon gave us a great tour!

The company is called Orlando Lake Tours. www.orlandolaketours.com


There is where the tour begins. So excited!!!!

The homes we got to see where some of the largest in the United States.  We even got to see the home from the reality tv show “Queen of Versailles”.  I had no idea there was so much wealth here in Orlando!


What a beautiful home. I wonder if it has a story behind it? If it does, the tour guide knows!!!!


My future home, lol!

The tour guides were so captivating. While they spoke about our surroundings, we got to enjoy nature, see wildlife and learn about the stories behind certain mansions and their owners. I was thoroughly entertained from so many different aspects all while forgetting that I was even in Orlando!  I am not going to lie though, I really enjoyed all the gossip they were able to tell me about the mansions. 


The pelican decided to put on a show for us that ended with him standing on one leg!


We found the bird’s watering hole, haha.

I mean, the pictures don’t even do it justice! I cannot recommend this tour enough.  They even took us to a place that was hidden where you felt like you were in the middle of a movie scene!  It was unbelievable!  So serene!  I cannot believe I had no idea this place existed considering how many times I have been not he lake in a jet ski.


Unbelievable sites.

I don’t want to give too much away.  I will say that this is a MUST DO in Orlando! I left the dock feeling so relaxed; you would have thought I went to the spa!


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